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Other Franklin Mint Items

In addition to medallic issues, the Franklin Mint produced a variety of other fine collectibles including sculptures, chess sets, games, knives, guns, wall decor, bowls, spoons, crystal, figurines, jewelry, watches, books, etc. Although this website is primarily concerned with medallic issues, many of these other items appeal to the same type of collectors and investors, and this section describes some of the "high end" and more unusual vintage non-medallic items produced by the Franklin Mint. In recent years, the Franklin Mint has focused more on mass-market collectibles, but some of the vintage items produced in the 1970s rival the medallic issues in artistic value and precious metal content.

The Buy Other Items page also lists some of these items for sale and if you have this type of item that you would like to sell, please contact us through the Sell page, as we do purchase these items in addition to medallic issues.

These items are typically sold as both collectibles and bullion items. Some (e.g., Sterling Silver sculptures) contain a substantial amount of Silver and thus appeal to both the bullion investor and collector - the best of both worlds! Most are Limited Editions and are as rare or even rarer than the medallic issues.

Click on a link below or to the left to view information about individual non-medallic Franklin Mint items. I'm adding additional pages as time permits, so if you are looking for information on a particular item that is not yet here, please bookmark this site and check back.

Each of the individual pages also has my subjective ratings of the rarity of the set, from one to five stars, based on my 30 years of collecting experience with these sets and over 15 years regularly browsing Ebay auctions. Availability refers to generally how often I see the set offered for sale in any venue - coin shows, coin shops, Ebay auctions, etc.

Rarity Description (In relative terms. In absolute terms, ALL are rare)


More commonly seen. Available perhaps once every few months, or more often.


Somewhat rare. Available perhaps once in 6 months.


Rare.  Available perhaps once a year.


Very rare. Available perhaps once every few years.


Extremely rare. Iíve only seen one or a few of these ever available.


Silver Sculptures

Chess Sets


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