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Why You Should Be Interested in Buying Franklin Mint Sets...

The number one reason is VALUE! Franklin Mint sets contain massive amounts of precious metals, which creates underlying protection and appreciation potential above and beyond that available with other collectibles. These sets are an attractive alternative to bullion coins or simple precious metal ingots because you can get fantastic artwork, proof quality minting, and beautifully presented collectibles for prices close to the actual bullion value.


Vintage Franklin Mint sets are very rare, beautiful, educational, and of the utmost quality. Most Franklin Mint sets have mintages of less than 5000, some less than 1000, and a few under 500. Of those, it is estimated that only about 20% remain available - many have been melted down, sets broken up, etc. Premiums for Franklin Mint sets average less than 25%, compared to 200%-1000% or more for precious metal coins. But the value is now starting to be recognized, and the premiums paid for complete sets in good condition is starting to rise.


Demographics create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for current collectors and investors. Early Franklin Mint collectors from the 1960's and 1970's were born in the 1920's and 1930's. These collectors are now passing their treasures to their loved ones, and in turn many of these rare sets are currently becoming available on the market. However, this surge in availability will soon pass, giving today's investors the benefit.


Franklin Mint sets are incredible bargains today when you consider the amount of gold and silver that they contain, and the original prices that people paid for these sets 30 years ago, which reflects the quality and intrinsic value. You can use the Inflation Calculator to determine just how much of a bargain they really are. The webpages for medals and ingots show the original price of the set and the year it was issued. Plug those numbers into the Calculator to see what that set would cost in today's dollars!




We have a substantial inventory of Franklin Mint and other private mint sets available for immediate sale. While we do sell items on Ebay also, direct purchases enable you to:

  • Get the best price
  • Deal with knowledgeable collectors
  • Deal with people you can trust - check out our 15+ year feedback records on Ebay (we are "big*bob" and "franklin-mint-silver" on Ebay).
  • Trust that what you are buying is accurately represented - many Ebay auctions state the silver weight of these sets to be much higher than it actually is
  • Avoid competitive bidding and the disappointment of losing an auction in the last few seconds
  • Not have to spend time constantly searching Ebay
  • Not have to wait for a set you are interested in to show up on Ebay. (Due to the rarity of Franklin Mint sets, many sets may only appear on Ebay once in several years, and there's no way to know when that will be.)
  • Pay securely using all major credit cards through PayPal, or by check, money order, or bank transfer if you prefer
  • Receive secure packing and prompt shipping - we are experienced in packing these items securely (and all of our items are shipped fully insured)
  • Satisfaction guaranteed - no questions asked return policy

If you are looking for a particular item that you do not see listed, please inquire through the Contact page. We acquire new items regularly and also maintain a "want list" to try to locate the item you are interested in (with no obligation, of course).

Condition Guidelines

There are no accepted standards for grading Franklin Mint items, so we have adopted the guidelines in the following table for describing the Condition of the items for sale. The ratings are subjective, but are based on many years experience with hundreds of these items. If you have questions about the condition of a particular set, please contact us and we will try to clarify it and/or send you additional pictures.



Very Good



Most or all medals show noticeable flaws, including scratches, heavy wear, “bag marks”, abrasive cleaning, etc., and/or the packaging is noticeably damaged, broken, torn, heavily scratched, etc.

Some medals may have noticeable scratches, dings, blemishes or other noticeable flaws. The packaging may also have noticeable scratches, marks, dings, dents, wear, tears, stains, etc.

Medals or ingots are in excellent condition, but packaging may show age, wear, scuff marks, fraying, stains, scratches, dings, indentations, etc., and/or some plastic capsules may be scuffed or cracked.

Items appear “like new”, although on close inspection there may be some minor scratches, blemishes, wear, etc. to the medals or the packaging. These are typically sets that were well cared for and rarely handled.

Items still in original Franklin Mint sealed packaging, or items that appear to be “brand new” with no visible (or extremely small) flaws. Pristine items are rare and command a price premium.

Return Policy

Your satisfaction is guaranteed - we will refund the full purchase price with no questions asked if you decide to return an item within 10 days of receipt. The item must be returned in the same condition as received, packed appropriately (e.g., as shipped), and buyer pays shipping both ways.

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