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ID: 1107
Name: Coin Proof Sets
Description: We have a large number and variety of sets available at very good prices - please inquire through the Contact page for details. The set shown is one example: 1977 Panama 9 coin set.
Mint: Franklin Mint
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: Varies
Total Weight (troy oz.): 6.7
Number of Items in Set: 9
Condition: Excellent
Paperwork Included: Yes
Price: $399
Shipping: $12
Note: We have a large variety of sets available - please inquire through the Contact page.

Franklin Mint Proof Coin Sets

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As one of the world's premier private mints during the 1970's, the Franklin Mint was commissioned by a number of countries to mint Limited Edition Proof Sets of the country's coinage. These are not medals but actual coins, with monetary denominations and in editions authorized by the governments of each nation. Although the Franklin Mint created annual Proof sets for countries as far away as Ethiopia, the Phillipines, Tunisia, and Jordan, most of the sets were minted for Central American countries and the island nations in the Caribbean, including the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Belize, Barbados, Jamaica, Panama, Cayman Islands, etc. The number of coins, denominations, mintage numbers, packaging, etc. varied across each country and each year. Many of these sets had significant silver content and superb designs, and so are of interest to Franklin Mint collectors along with world coin collectors.

We buy and sell these Proof coin sets as well as Franklin Mint medallic issues. We have a large number of sets available for sale, and we price them by silver content rather than World Coin Catalog prices, so you may be able to acquire some sets at significant lower prices than at coin stores or shows. The pictures below show some examples. Most sets come sealed, with display cases and Certificates. Please inquire through the Contact page if you are interested in any of these Proof sets and we will provide price and availability.

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