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If You're Interested in Selling Your Franklin Mint Sets...

We purchase for cash most Franklin MInt, Danbury Mint, Hamilton Mint, etc. medal and ingot sets that are minted in precious metals (gold, silver, platinum). We are also interested in other "high end" Franklin Mint items such as gold/silver sculptures, chess sets, etc.

While you could also choose to sell your sets yourself (most likely on Ebay), a direct sale has some distinct advantages:

  • Get the best price - inexperienced Ebay sellers (or even experienced sellers who do not normally deal in this type of item) often do not get the best price for a variety of reasons (that's why we also buy sets on Ebay - we get some great bargains!)
  • Deal with knowledgeable collectors who have a clear idea of the value of your items.
  • Deal with people you can trust - check out our 10+ year feedback records on Ebay (we are "big*bob" and "franklin-mint-silver" on Ebay).
  • Know the price you will receive up-front. Our offer is normally based directly on the bullion value - we do not try to "lowball" potential sellers.
  • Avoid taking a chance selling expensive items in an auction (Most of the bidding usually occurs in the last few seconds with buyers who are trying to get a bargain, so you are commiting to sell without knowing how much you will get - and many buyers tend to avoid reserve auctions.)
  • Avoid paying Ebay listing fees, promotion fees, final sales fees, and PayPal fees (don't underestimate this - seller fees are substantial - this is how Ebay makes all its money!)
  • Avoid all the hassle.
  • Be paid promptly by check or through PayPal if you prefer (you must pay PayPal fees to receive money through PayPal).

For a quick quote by email with no obligation, please fill out the following form as best you can and click Submit, or call Earl Morris at 951-505-6586.  If you have more than one set to sell, please fill out a separate form for each one, and if you have more than a few, please call instead.  If you are located in the Los Angeles/Orange County area, we can also arrange to pick up your sets in person. What do you have to lose?

After receiving our offer by email, if you decide to accept, simply respond to the email and ship your set - packed securely - to:

FMS Attn: Earl Morris
5267 Warner #355
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Phone (Optional): 
Title of Set: 
Made By:


Number of Pieces in Set: 
Complete Set:
Size (Diameter or Dimensions): 
Weight of Each Piece (if known): 

Paperwork Included:


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